Autumn Home Maintenance Schedule

Weather proofing
Check weather stripping on all doors and windows and repair as needed

Make sure all garage floor or driveway drains are flowing properly


If you have a working fireplace, chimney maintenance is essential to keep your home and family safe, blocked chimneys can cause fires and trap poisonous smoke and carbon monoxide fumes, which can cause serious illness of even cause death

Leaves can block gutters in autum causing overflows and penetrating damp problems. Habe your guttering regularly cleared and inspected for cracks and leaks.

Boiler Servicing
This is probably the most important heating maintenance task as boiler service check will ensure your boiler is working safely and running at its most efficient.  

Install Insulation
Energy efficiency maintenance tasks such as topping up or installing more insulation will ensure your property stays warm and cosy as well as keeping your gas and electricity costs to a minimum.  Check your loft has the recommended levels of insulation and that your walls are extremely insulated or fitted with cavity wall insulation.

Correctly put away your lawn mower and summertime power tools

Turn off and flush outdoor water features 
Also flush hoses and store them. Winterize sprinkler systems as well, if you have one.


Check again for holes, cracked or broken tiles and damaged facias and soffits before the harsher weather comes.  Make sure that there isn't any moss or grass growing on the roof, look out for signs of vermin, such as squirrels or nesting birds as they can easily damage roofing.

Leave Clearing
Clear leaves on a regular basis as they can be slippery underfoot and accidents can happen

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