A neglected property can begin to look shabby, lose value and become hazardous to live in, since your property is the most expensive thing you'll own, it makes sense to look after it right.  

Property maintenance can be difficult, tedius and time consuming but often the biggest hurdle is knowing where to start.  All those little maintenance tasks can quickly build up and become overwhelming.  We have created a home maintenance checklist to help you keep up to date with all those taks that need to be carried out.
Spring Maintenance Checklist
As the weather starts to warm up its time to repair any damage that's occured over winter and start getting your home and garden ready for summer.
Summer Maintenance Checklist
Summer is a time for spending more time outside, so property maintenance and exterior repairs become more important
Autumn Maintenance Checklist
As the weather turns cooler as Autumn takes hold, there are some essential maintenance jobs that need to be carried out to make sure your property is ready to take on the elements.
Winter Maintenance Checklist
Winter can be one of the most difficult times for your property, as a result of weather restrictions try to make sure that you carry out essential maintenance tasks before the cold sets in.
 Selling Your Property Checklist
Putting your money in home improvements is one of the safest investments you can make as not only does it increase the value of your property but it also makes your house more comfortable and enjoyable to live in.
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