Summer Home Maintenance Schedule

Exterior plastering and painting
Painting and plastering will improve the appearance of your property and also works to seal and weatherproof exterior walls, cracks and leaks can cause penetrating damp which can lead to damp and mould problems, as well as more structural damage

Front doors can show wear after enduring weather year after year. Consider a new door, new hardward or a lick of paint to improve first impressions 

Check all flat roofs and recoat or seal as needed.  Check for mortar that needs repairing

Garden maintenance

Depending on the size of your garden and how much grass, plants and shrubs and foilage you have, you'll need to spend time weeding, fertilising and pruning.  Lawns and plants can suffer in hot, dry summer weather and become parched and brown so water regularly.

Sanding, staining and sealing decking ensures this outdoor space is protected and looks nice for entertaining season

Clean carpets
There was probably a lot of traffic going through your home over summer. Now you’re left with mud and other substances stuck in your carpet and your vacuum just will not get them out. A professional cleaning service has all the equipment needed to bring your carpet back to life.

Check grout in bathrooms, kitchen, etc.; repair as needed. This will prolong the life of your tiled surfaces and just looks better.

Clean garage. 
Cleaning the garage should be a summer ritual for every man. Keeping it clean and tidy will extend its life, and it often gets neglected of regular care. With all the extra dust it gets from the manly projects you’re working on, you should actually clean it even more. Once a year, however, give a thorough going-through.


Since you’re not going to be using your radiator an awful lot over the summer, why not bleed it and even clean it? This will reduce the strain on your boiler and plumbing system and help you avoid leaks and other plumbing emergencies.
Not only is property maintenance a lot more pleasant and a lot less aggravating in the summer than it is in the winter, but performing this maintenance now can help you to avoid any costly home emergencies when the temperature drop

Pest control
The overwhelming majority of pest control issues occur over the summer. Rats, fleas, bedbugs, wasps and pretty much every other animal sees its population explode when the temperature goes up. Keeping your house in a clean and tidy state, storing food properly, disposing food waste effectively, and draught-proofing your home can make your household far less attractive to unwelcome home intruders. Close your bins, take the bins out every collection day, and mowing the lawn can minimise the likelihood of pests entering your property

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