Winter Home Maintenance Schedule

Plumbing maintenance and repairs
Look out for blocked pipes, clogged drains, leaks or dripping taps which can lead to more serious problems if left untreated. 

Draught Proofing
Once temperatures plummet and icy wintery winds start blowing you might discover some draughts in your home.  

Damp Proofing
Winter weather can cause damp to creep into your home, which can cause mould and structural damage.  Rising, penetrating and condensation damp can be prevented with regular mainteance.  Check your damp proof course is in good condition, ventilating, insulating and fixing leaks. 

Electrical Maintenance
With less hours of daylight and more demand on electrical appliances ie; lamps, heating, christmas lighting it is important to keep on top of electrical maintenace tasks over winter for example sockets should'nt be overloaded, servicing appliances

Alarm Maintenance
Keep your home safe and secure by carrying out regular burglar alarm maintenance.

Double Glazing
Double or even triple glazing is a great safety feature and is worth installing to stop heat escaping your home and prevent any condensation problems from occuring. 

Leave Clearing
Clear leaves on a regular basis as they can be slippery underfoot and accidents can happen

Shut off interior valves supplying outdoor water pipes to prevent them from freezing

Stock up on grit salt to clear pathways and access to the property

Declutter your home inside and out
Thoroughly clean and de-clutter every six months in addition to regular daily and weekly cleaning 

All work is guaranteed and you can rely on us to work around you and your needs with minimal hassle and little disruption to your home and business life
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